How to Set a Table Properly

A rightly set table is the best way to honor the guests at dinner. It is the most basic table manner. Following proper table setting etiquette is an essential part of a formal or casual dinner. It gives a beautiful touch to the dinning room and the food served as well. Right from the classy tableware till the beautiful tablecloth each major and minor thing needs to be considered to make it an ideal dinner. Here's how to set a table properly and give it that sophisticated and classy touch to dinner.
How to Set a Table Properly: Things To Consider
Basic Setting; Start basic settings with a tablecloth. A plain tablecloth looks elegant and goes well with a decorative table runner and place mats. You can also opt for a patterned tablecloth but don't go for an overtly jazzy one. Make sure that tablecloth, table runner and place mats go well with each other. Covering only the mid section of the table, a table runner can jazz up a simple tablecloth. Now place the place mats according to the number of invitees and the sitting arrangement. You can opt for decent looking jute place mats that will look great on any tablecloth. Choose a lovely and attractive centerpiece for enhancing the table decorations. Read more on floating candle centerpieces.
Elegant Tableware; Well, if you are wondering how to set a table properly, first opt for the right pieces of tableware. These are going to be the prime elements of the dinner and the dining table as well. Uniformity in tableware is a must. You can opt for silver or glassware or a combination of both. Proper table setting for formal dinner can be complete with the use of sterling silver flatware. The following things need to be arranged on the table. Napkin, charger plates, dinner plates, bowls, dinner fork, salad fork, cocktail fork, bread and butter plate with spreader, dinner knife, large spoon, soup spoon, water glass, cocktail glass. Napkins complementing the tablecloth, will look perfect. Let us start with the placement and learn how to set a table properly for each guest. Read more on kitchen cutlery.
Right Placement; Start the elegant table setting procedure with the plates. Make sure you place a dinner plate on your table in front of the chair. Also make sure that there is enough space between two chairs hence, two plates, so that each one can comfortably have their dinner and all the tableware can fit properly besides each plate. Starting with the plates, first place the decorative charger plate, the larger dinner plate will go over it, the smaller dish will go over this one and a bowl over the smaller plate. Now place a dinner fork closest to the plate, on the left side. Place the salad fork beside it. Place the napkin to left of the forks. You can opt for different styles of folding the napkins. Coloque el cuchillo de la cena más cercano a la placa en el lado derecho. A continuación coloque la cuchara grande y luego la cuchara de sopa. La regla es que los tenedores van a la izquierda y los cuchillos y cucharas ir a la derecha. tenedor Cocktail es una excepción, será coloca en el lado extrema derecha. El tenedor manijas apuntará al izquierda y la cuchara manijas apuntará derecha. También la hoja del cuchillo se enfrentará a la placa. El plato de pan puede colocarse a la izquierda de la horquilla o justo en frente de ellos. Coloque la mantequilla en la cruceta delantera de la placa, en posición horizontal. Las gafas irá delante del cuchillos con el vidrio agua cercano al plato. las gafas vino estaré sobre la derecha del vasos agua.
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