Clogged Garbage Disposal

You have to be in the kitchen preparing a meal, to realize the amount of pieces of vegetables, meat and other food stuff that just run down the drain of your kitchen sink. However hard we try, some amount of food waste always ends up being drained down the sink while washing and cleaning food, before it is cooked. Think of the frequent clogging of the kitchen sink that all these food bits would have caused had there not been the garbage disposal unit! Garbage disposal is a device that is fixed between the drain of a kitchen sink and the trap. This is usually, an electrically powered device that shreds food bits into small pieces so that, they can easily pass through the plumbing. However, a garbage disposal also needs to be kept clean, because a clogged garbage disposal can be quite a nightmare!
How to Clear a Clogged Garbage Disposal?; To clear a clogged garbage disposal, first of all, turn the power off at the main power panel and make sure that the switch of the waste disposal is at the off position. It always helps to make sure that the power supply to garbage disposal is turned off, because you definitely don't want the blades to work while you are working on the garbage disposal unit! Now, in order to be able to view the inside of the garbage disposal better, remove the splash guard from around its opening. With enough room to look into the garbage disposal, scan the interior of the device for any object that might be clogging it. Once you are sure that there is something clogging the garbage disposal, use a pair of long tongs to remove the object.
Be sure to never make the mistake of using your hands while clearing garbage disposal. If you can't see any object clogging the waste disposal, then fill it with water and use a plunger to clean it. Turn on cold water and let it run for a minute, so that the garbage disposal is flushed clean of any objects that may clog it. You may also be interested in knowing how to unclog kitchen sink and how to unclog a bathroom sink.
How to Clean Garbage Disposal?; If cleaning is done on regular basis, then instances of a clogged garbage disposal can be reduced. Despite you making sure that all food bits are properly flushed out and there is no blockage in the drains, your sink might stink. This happens because the blades of the garbage disposal may be good to shred large pieces of food, but in case of smaller bits while the blades chop them down, it also throws shreds around that stick to the walls of the garbage disposal. To take care of these bits, flood your garbage disposal completely with water. Seal the drain and fill the sink entirely with warm water and soap and then turn the garbage disposal on. As the blades rotate, they create a whirlpool like effect that loosens and sucks all food bits sticking to the wall and blades of the disposal.
For a stronger cleaning effect, pour some baking soda down the drain. After a few seconds, follow it up with same amount of vinegar. Once the bubbling activity stops, pour some hot water down the drain. Cleaning with vinegar and water clears mineral deposits, as well as, stench causing bacteria. One notch up in the cleaning process is bleaching solution. As in the water and vinegar cleaning procedure, ensure that the solution stays in the device for some time rather than being washed down the drain just as soon as it is poured. More on cleaning stainless steel sinks.
Following the popular saying, 'prevention is better than cure', and taking certain measures will make instances of clogged garbage disposal rarer. Ensure that the pieces of the following items are not washed down the sink drain: ; Shells from crabs, shrimps, eggs etc. ; Large bones ; Unpopped kernels of popcorn ; Peels of vegetables and fruits ; Hair strands ; Small objects like screws, caps of bottle, pieces of plastic, grease, nails etc. ; Stick to the instructions of garbage disposal manufacturers and almost all of them recommend running cold water for 30 to 60 seconds, after the waste matter has cleared down the drain.
Make cleaning of garbage disposal a regular feature in your kitchen cleaning regime. Yes, it is true that despite all the measures, a clogged garbage disposal unit can't be avoided. However, proper maintenance of garbage disposal will reduce the frequency of problems associated with it.